1) How secure is my account?

Your savings account is powered by Equitas Small Finance Bank. This is an RBI-licensed bank and your money here is insured up to INR 5 lakh. This gets covered under the DICGC which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RBI.

2) Who can apply for a Zenpro account?

All resident Indians above the age of 18 years can sign up for a ZenPro Account.

3) I am an existing Equitas bank customer, can I still open a ZenPRO account?

As per our policy, if you hold an existing savings account with Equitas Small Finance Bank, we cannot extend a ZenPro Account to you.

4) How can I open a ZenPro account?

ZenPRO is only available for Android users. You can download our mobile application from Google Play Store and follow the instructions laid out to open an account.

5) How do I complete my Biometric KYC?

After installing our ZenPro Mobile Application, you can schedule an appointment for the completion of biometric verification. Once you complete this, our partner’s representative will visit your address as per your preferred time slot. You can also reschedule a Biometric KYC appointment according to your convenience through our application.

6) Is this a ZERO balance account?

There is no minimum balance requirement for this account. It is a zero minimum balance and a zero maintenance fees account.

7) Which mobile number should I use to register on the app?

Please use the mobile number that is linked with your Aadhar number and ensure that your phone has the same sim installed for instant verification and updates.

8) What personal details are required to open a ZenPro account?

Your parents' names, marital status and income, employment status, PAN, Aadhar, full name, nominee, current address. are some of the details you will have to disclose while opening a ZenPro Account with us.

9) Why do you need information on employment type and income details for registration?

This data will be used in the future to provide a customised experience - we aim to personalise our offerings based on the nature of your employment and income. This information is not shared with any third party.

10) What documents are needed to open a Zenpro account?

No physical documents are needed. Your PAN & Aadhaar number is enough. An OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar-registered phone number. Once you complete the address verification and biometric verification, you’ll have a full KYC account.

11) Do I need to sign up with the number linked to my Aadhar number?

You'll need to enter the OTP sent to your Aadhaar registered number to verify your identity. If you have access to the phone number linked to your Aadhaar, you're good to go!

12) I already have a bank account but haven’t completed my KYC, can I still open an account here?

If a bank account is opened using Aadhaar OTP, it is referred to as a 'minimum KYC' account. As per RBI Rules, you cannot have 2 Half-KYC accounts at any time. Please complete the Full KYC procedure to continue.

13) I am not comfortable sharing my Aadhar, what are the alternatives?

If you’re not comfortable sharing your aadhar number, you can use VID. The VID number is a 16-digit number (vs. 12-digit Aadhaar number) and can be generated by visiting this website: https://resident.uidai.gov.in/vid-generation

14) I’m unable to receive the OTP for Aadhar verification

Please check the messages sent to your registered Aadhaar number. If you haven't received it, please try again after sometime.

15) How many Nominees can I add?

You can add only one Nominee.

16) Why add a nominee? Can I skip this step?

You can skip adding a nominee while onboarding, though we would highly encourage you to add a nominee. This will ensure the nominee becomes the rightful owner of the deposit available in the account under unfortunate circumstances. Be sure to enter accurate information here, and choose someone you trust to be your nominee. Additionally, if you do not add nominee details while onboarding, you'll have to visit the nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank branch to add a nominee later.

17) Can I add a friend as a nominee?

Yes, you can choose ‘others’ in the options provided and enter their details.

18) Can a Nominee be a minor?

If your nominee is a Minor then you will be required to add their Guardian's details as well.

19) Can the account holder be the Nominee?

No, the Account Holder and Nominee cannot be the same.

20) How do I check my balance?

Your bank balance will reflect under Total Savings Balance. If the balance reflected in the RupeeZen app is incorrect, please refresh your screen. Your total account balance will be displayed on your home screen.

21) What does Auto debit mean?

Auto debit is a feature RupeeZen offers to its customers where the money to be saved in a goal will be directly debited from your regular transaction account and saved towards your goals without any hassle. RupeeZen will only debit the amount due towards your goals on the due date. Auto debit can be activated from your home screen and profile screen.

22) How can I activate Auto debit?

Auto debit can be activated from the home screen and profile screen. You can activate it using your UPI ID or Debit Card details.

23) How can I delete Auto debit?

Please go to the profile screen and use the Auto Debit toggle to turn off Auto Debit. Please note that it takes 24hrs to completely turn off Auto Debit.

24) What is the maximum amount you will debit automatically?

RupeeZen will only debit the amount due towards your goals on the due date.

25) Why is the application asking me to set up a higher amount for Auto Debit than my goal savings?

The Auto Debit feature is set-up once and allows customers a maximum withdrawal of 5 times the goal savings. This helps prevent us from having to reinitiate another auto debit in case you increase your goal saving amount in future. RupeeZen will auto debit only to the limit of total due in goals.

26) Can I pause an Auto debit for a specific period of time?

Yes, you have the option to pause the goals at any point. Please note that the change will take 24 hrs to reflect.

27) How long does it take to reflect the debited amount in the account?

It takes a maximum of 36 hrs for the amount to reflect in your goals.

28) How long until my rewards are credited to my account?

Your rewards will be credited to your Zenpro account within 48 hrs of achieving the streak.

29) How does referral work?

Use referral flow in the app to send details and refer your friends and family to get INR 150 as referral bonus once they open an account.

30) What are goals in RupeeZen?

Goals are any use case for the customer where he/she wants to save money for a future commitment or for having cash for a future use case. You can set up a goal if you want to save money for a future commitment like buying a mobile phone, saving for your child’s school fees or putting aside money for safety.

31) What are the types of goals?

There are two types of goals:

Goal with Target – Customer has a predefined value to be saved by a particular date - E.g. if you want to save Rs. 10,000 in the next 3 months to pay your child’s school fees.

Goal without Target – This goal can be used if you just want to save some money at a certain frequency without a specific target amount and/or date. E.g. saving Rs. 500 every week for safety.

32) How do I set up a goal?

First, determine the type of goal and follow the instructions on screen to set up a goal. You can select from the goals we have listed or choose ‘others’ and set your goal.

33) Do I need to fetch the card details every time I want to view it?

Yes, since your details are protected by OTP, you will need to fetch them each time you would like to view them.

34) How can I set the limits on my card?

You can change your limits using the ZenPro mobile app.

  • Just log in to your ZenPro app,
  • Click on ‘Manage my card’ in the Profile section and click on 'Reset the limits'.
  • Verify your details to reset is done
35) How do I activate my virtual card?

ZenPro Virtual Card comes pre-activated! You can access your VC under the Profile section.

36) What documents should I keep ready for FKYC?

Aadhar and PAN card.

37) What is a zen partner code?

If a partner has set up the account for you, they will add in their code so RupeeZen will know the origination of that account.

38) How can I close my ZenPro account?

You can visit the nearest branch and complete this procedure.

39) How to generate a UPI ID for this account?

Please use the Virtual card/Physical card and generate a UPI ID via any TPAP like Google pay/Phonepe/BHIM/ Paytm.

40) How do I block my card temporarily?

Please use the ‘manage my card’ section in the virtual card section to lock/ unlock it. Alternatively, call our customer service.

41) How can I add a Payee?

You can add any number of payees under the wallet tab and initiate a beneficiary transfer at any time.

42) My transaction failed, how long until my amount is refunded?

If a NEFT/IMPS/UPI transfer has failed, please note that the amount will be refunded to the account in 36 hours.

43) How can I get an account statement?

You will receive a monthly statement on your registered email ID.

44) Why am I unable to do a transfer?

Transfer limits apply to an account depending on KYC completion so please ensure you are within the limits. If it’s a technical issue, please try again sometime for the transfer to go through.

45) What is the maximum amount that can be added to a ZenPro account using the "Add" option?

The amount that can be added using the "Add" option depends on the UPI limits set by the bank from where you are transferring money.

ZenPro Transaction Limits

1) What are the limits on the number of transactions in a half KYC account?

Time Period No. of Transactions (per day)
Within 72 hours of account opening 5 Transfers
Post 72 hours of account opening 10 Transfers

2) Is there a limit on the transfer amount in a half KYC account?

Time Period Amount (per day)
Within 72 hours of account opening INR 2000
Post 72 hours of account opening INR 5000

3) Is there a monthly limit on withdrawal amount in a half KYC account?

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn in a month in a half KYC account is Rs.20,000.

4) What are the daily limits across the mode of payments in a Full- KYC account?

Mode of Payment Amount
IMPS INR 1 - INR 5,00,000
NEFT INR 1 - INR 5,00,000
Internal - Within Equitas INR 1 - INR 5,00,000
RTGS INR 2,00,000 - INR 5,00,000

*total transfer limit across all modes is INR 10,00,000

5) What are the transfer limits for a new payee?

Time Period Amount
Within 30 minutes of adding beneficiary INR 5000
Within 24 hours of adding beneficiary INR 25,000
Within 48 hours of adding beneficiary INR 50,000

6) What's the amount that can be transferred without adding a beneficiary?

Upto Rs 20,000 can be transferred without adding a beneficiary.

7) Is there a restriction on account balance and total credits in Half-KYC accounts?

Upto Rs 20,000 can be transferred without adding a beneficiary.

8) What are the interest rates for the ZenPro Account?

Please note that the interest will be calculated on the daily closing balance of the account and be paid on a quarterly basis by direct credit in the savings account.

*Slabs Rates are applicable on the incremental amount based on the closing balance.

Daily Closing Balance Rate Slab
Upto INR 1 Lakh 3.50%
Above INR 1 Lakh - Upto INR 5 Lakhs 5.25%
Above INR 5 Lakhs - Upto INR 2 Crores 7.00%
Above 2 crores 5.50%

9) What are the fees and charges associated with the ZenPro Account?

*For more details on the schedule of charges, please visit – www.(Placeholder).com

For a Half- KYC Account -

Purpose Charges
Account Opening Charges NIL
Maintenance Charges NIL
Withdrawal taxations at metro locations (Other Bank ATMs) 3 taxations a month
Debit Card Cash Withdrawal taxations at non-metro locations (Other Bank ATMs) NA
Charges beyond free limits of ATM withdrawals NA
Rupay/VISA Classic (Charges for issuance, annual fees, reissuance) NA
IMPS Outward - per day limit of INR 2 Lakhs Free
RTGS and NEFT Outward Free

For a Full-KYC Account -

Purpose Charges
Account Opening Charges NIL
Maintenance Charges NIL
Withdrawal taxations at metro locations (Other Bank ATMs) Only virtual debit card issued - 5 taxations per month
Debit Card Cash Withdrawal taxations at non-metro locations (Other Bank ATMs)
Charges beyond free limits of ATM withdrawals Only virtual debit card issued - INR 20 per taxation
Rupay/VISA Classic (Charges for issuance, annual fees, reissuance) INR 100
IMPS Outward - per day limit of INR 5 Lakhs Free
RTGS Outward INR 2 Lakhs - INR 5 Lakhs - 20
Above INR 5 Lakhs - 40
NEFT Outward

Upto INR 10,000 - 2.25

From INR 10,001 - INR 1 Lakh - 4.5

From INR 1 Lakh to INR 2 Lakhs - 14.5

Above INR 2 Lakhs - 24.5

1) Which mobile number should I use to register on the app?

Please use the number associated with the bank and bank account you are selecting while signing up.

2) My Bank is not listed and I want to sign up for ZenClassic. How do I proceed?

Please use the number associated with the bank and bank account you are selecting while signing up.

3) Can I select 2 different banks for registration?

You can only select 1 bank for registration. In case you have multiple bank accounts, we suggest you register with the bank account where you get regular credits and the one you would like to use for savings.

4) Why do I need to share account details?

RupeeZen does not need account details for fetching balance. Please add your UPI details and Bank details (if necessary) for rewards credit in the profile section.

5) How do I check my balance?

Please try refreshing the screen or try after a while to view your balance.

6) How long until my rewards are credited to my account?

Please make sure you have added your UPI ID/account details in the profile screen so we can credit the rewards. Rewards are credited within 48 hours of achieving the streak.

1) What is my total account balance?

Total account balance = Wallet balance + Total Goal Savings balance. This reflects on the home screen of the app.

2) What is wallet balance?

Wallet balance is the amount in your account which is not saved in any goals. We suggest you maintain sufficient balance in your wallet to avoid missing any payment due towards your goals.

3) What is the Total Goal Savings balance?

Total Goal Savings balance is the sum total of amounts saved in your goals.

4) What is a Streak?

A streak is 5 timely savings towards your goal as per your goal frequency.

1 streak = 5 timely savings towards a goal without missing any. If you have 2 goals, the current streak will advance by 1 everyday. Please note that pausing, breaking, growing and deleting will not impact a streak.

5) How do I earn rewards?

For every streak achieved, you will get a 1% reward on the total amount saved as part of the successfully completed streak. Reward is 1% for every streak achieved. Customers having more than 1 goal will get 1% of their Goal saving in that particular streak.

6) What is the maximum reward amount?

The reward amount is capped at INR 250 per month, per customer.

7) Will missing a payment have an impact on Streak?

Yes, missing a saving goal will break the current streak and the count will be reset to zero. Avoid missing a goal and continue to enjoy your rewards for saving on time!

8) What happens to my current streak if I achieve all my goals in the middle of a streak

If you achieve all your goals in the middle of a running streak, we give you 30 days to set up a new goal and continue your streak.

9) How are rewards calculated?

1% of 5 consecutive saving amounts towards your goals is how we calculate your rewards.

10) How will I be eligible for the Lucky draw?

If you save a minimum of INR 300 in a streak and achieve it, you are eligible for the lucky draw.

11) Can I edit a goal?

Yes, you can edit the target amount and date.

12) My preferred frequency is not listed on the app.

Currently we offer Daily, weekly, Bi weekly and monthly frequencies. Other frequencies are not allowed at this point.

13) What does the ‘grow’ feature in the goal mean?

This feature will prompt you to add an amount you want to grow the goal with. You should have sufficient balance in your wallet to grow a goal. You can add extra money to an existing goal by clicking “Grow”. You can grow a goal by clicking on grow if you want to save beyond the savings frequency amount.

14) What does the ‘break’ feature in the goal mean?

You can break a goal by clicking “Break” and select an amount you want to transfer out of the saved amount. The amount will get added to the wallet balance.

15) Can I pause saving for a goal for sometime?

You can pause saving in a goal by clicking “Pause”. The same can be resumed by clicking “Resume”

16) What is a missed payment?

Pro & Classic - Please ensure there’s sufficient balance in your wallet before the due date.

17) How do I get back on track for any missed payment towards my goal?

You can always “Grow” the goal by the missed payment amount to get it back on track. To use the Grow feature, ensure your wallet has sufficient balance.

18) Can I delete a goal?

Yes, you can delete a goal at any time and the savings in that goal will be moved to your wallet.

19) What time will money be allocated to goals?

Allocation happens at 12 Noon on the day the goal saving is due.

20) What happens to a goal with a target on the Target date?

The goal is either marked as “Goal Achieved” or “Goal Not Achieved” based on the amount saved. The saved amount automatically gets transferred to the wallet on the evening of the target date.

21) Where can I see the past goal transactions?

All the past transactions including missed payments, break and grow transactions can be accessed by clicking the “Transactions” button in the goal details screen.

22) What happens to the goal savings if I withdraw/transfer an amount from my bank account which is more than the wallet balance?

In such a case, the app automatically breaks the existing goals. Any amount more than the wallet balance is reduced from the goal savings.

23) Where can I see recent transactions?

Recent transactions can be viewed in the Wallet tab and you can customise the view by the date range of your choice.

24) How long does it take for the account to be converted to a FKYC account with a limit revision after biometric completion?

Biometric completion and limit revision should reflect within 24 hrs.

25) Can I add money before completing biometric KYC to this account?

Yes, you can add money but there is a 1lakh account balance and 2lakh sum of credits in a year restriction in a Half-KYC account.

26) Is there any minimum amount requirement for my first online transaction? If yes, then what is the amount?

There is no minimum amount applicable to transactions. However, your loading limits are set at ₹1,00,000 until you complete your Biometric KYC.

RupeeZen is the trade name of Valuesurge Private limited.